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As a strength and conditioning coach at Hamburg University in Germany, I am completely dependent upon the functionality of my body. When I was diagnosed with both rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism, I experienced chronic exhaustion and experienced my body failing. The changes caused me to question my career and future. I followed Heidi on Facebook and became curious when she mentioned potential causes of autoimmune hypothyroidism. Heidi responded almost instantly with both phone calls and literature about this topic. I was able to integrate all of her suggested changes and noticed a miraculous difference. After only one week of following her dieting advice, I eliminated my aches and after several weeks, I both felt and looked like a new man with no chronic exhaustion, a fresher look, more energy, no hair loss, and better sexual function. I will be forever grateful for finding Heidi and enlisting her assistance—thank you for your life-changing support!

What People Are Saying About Educated Nutrition

After reading an article about Heidi, a woman that was a kettlebell athlete with autoimmune diseases, I knew that I needed to reach out to her. I also lift kettlebells and struggle with three autoimmune diseases. Each time I started to push heavy or for extended periods of time, I would have a flare up, which set back my training. The frustration of this experience led me to locate Heidi via Facebook, something I would normally never do. However, I immediately knew I had reached the right person when Heidi responded to me and spoke with me, a complete stranger, for over an hour. Heidi provided guidance for eating, training, and avoiding flare ups that would reduce my training abilities. After my first call with Heidi, I wanted to cry because I felt such immense relief to have finally found someone that understood my day-to-day challenges. Even today, she still sends me periodic messages to check on my progress. Heidi is passionate about helping people, cares about individuals, and wants everyone to understand how their bodies can properly function. I highly recommend speaking with her today!

Renee Aunkst
Pennsylvania, USA

Luke van Damme
Hamburg, Germany

Much to my dismay, one year ago, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, Lupus Erythematosus

I had always thought of myself as healthy and then I started having many sudden, strange, and debilitating symptoms such as; unable to perform the hard work (which I had enjoyed all of my life), doing daily routine activities without suffering aches and pains, and bloating.  I experienced these symptoms, along with  'electric shocks' in my body, numbness, and anxiety. I also experienced changes in my sleep, strength, bowel, skin, hair, weight, vision, and circulation. All of this prompted me to schedule a visit with a general practitioner medical doctor.

After evaluating me, she sent me to a rheumatologist who narrowed my symptoms and lab results down to a diagnosis of Lupus and prescribed me Vicodin for the pain that I was experiencing. I was then referred to a specialist at the Marshfield Clinic for a second opinion. This doctor diagnosed me with osteoarthritis in my hands and feet, despite the fact that my lab work came back positive for an autoimmune disorder.

To say the least, I was shocked with this new diagnosis, specifically because the symptoms and lab results were unrelated to osteoarthritis. When I asked him about this, the specialist said he did not have an explanation. Period. He suggested I return to the rheumatologist every 6 months for an evaluation, and that was it! I was floored! We had a short "go-around" so that there was no mistake as to what he was telling me. Then I told him I could not accept his diagnosis, that I was a young woman and would not be able to live a full life like this. I asked if there was some way to naturally combat whatever was going on in my body. He did not have an answer to this question either, however, he did offer me immune suppression drugs and Vicodin for the pain and suffering and told me to be prepared that eventually I would be in a wheelchair. What he was telling me was hopelessly inadequate. I walked out the door with no remaining faith in Western Medicine. I knew I was going to have to find out how to heal on my own. Knowing in my gut that my best options were NOT to lay down and die. I felt I needed to find a holistic health plan to help me heal, and I gloriously stumbled across Educated Nutrition.

Heidi met with me for a free consult and took an extensive health history and really listened to me. She didn't just review what I was eating she also inquired about my environment (to determine if there were any exposure to environmental toxins) and what role emotional and physiological stress played in my health issues. I felt she saw me as a whole person, not just a symptom. She also did a functional evaluation of my body to determine if I had any system imbalances, which did not require me to pay for any of of pocket lab testing. 

She created a plan for me to make changes in my life in the areas of diet, stress management, proper rest, and emotional well being. She also helped me learn to create nutritious whole foods that are helping me to heal. I am now eating a whole foods diet that is specific to my healing. While this lifestyle did require some changes and there were some eye openers. For example, I thought I ate healthy foods before, boy was I wrong. It has not been difficult, despite cutting out many of the 'foods' I used to enjoy, because now I'm healing what caused my problem in the first place and with Heidi's help I'm confident I can reverse it! I have worked with her now for three months and I have more energy than I did before, and less aches and pains. Most importantly, I'm on my way back to enjoying my grandson with as much vigor as he has. While I am not completely healed, I know that there is hope and I will heal and beat the wheelchair. I know in my 'good gut flora' that my body will be a better machine than ever because with her guidance I will feed it all the proper nutrients to heal and to be the healthiest I can be. Heidi is my savior!

Gina - Wisconsin

Heidi Toy has been heaven sent.

I have struggled for nearly ten years with digestive issues – not the more common ones like constipation and diarrhea but the more subtle ones. My abdomen would blow up like a balloon making me look six months pregnant and the dissention would make my abdomen feel hard. This phenomenon would feel extremely uncomfortable. In addition, I would often feel sleepy and tired, being unable to function properly at work.

Medical doctors shrugged it off. I went to gastrointestinal specialists, internists, osteopaths, gynecologists, 3 naturopathic doctors, two other nutritionists, two acupuncturists and three chiropractors. It was beginning to affect my mood. I began feeling depressed since I could no longer function properly during the day. I would be yawning and struggling to pay attention.

I ran many different tests over the years to include colonoscopies, tubes down my throat, sonograms of the abdomen and also vaginal sonograms to rule out ovarian cancer, poop tests, saliva tests, urine tests and of course blood tests. Not much was ever uncovered to explain or remedy my symptoms.

I also have sleep problems due to severe hot flashes waking me up numerous times during the evening. All of the practitioners above had remedies which I tried over the years to include estrogen, progesterone, don quai, various Chinese herbs, menopausal blends, patches, antidepressants, Maca Root, etc. They provided little relief. My fatigue and discomfort became so severe that I could not lead a normal life. I was always trying to manage my fatigue. I was unable to do things at night. I often had to cancel plans with friends as I would fall asleep in the middle of day.

Then, by chance, Heidi Toy walked into my life. We sat next to each other at a doctor’s office and began talking. Heidi immediately identified some of my digestive issues. Later Heidi did a thorough evaluation, which thankfully did not require expensive tests, put me on a simple supplement regimen, made a few changes to my diet and within a short period of time, I began to feel better.

One of the problems identified was I could not digest my food due to inadequate production of hydrochloric acid. Another was my liver was having great difficult digesting fats. After following Heidi’s instructions and loving follow-up care, I am sleeping better, have minimal bloating, and my energy is coming back.

I understand these things take time. But in a short period I began to feel better and with Heidi’s careful guidance and feedback, I was able to understand what my body was telling me and make necessary adjustments.

Heidi is a caring, smart, loving practitioner. She is different from the other practitioners because she listens, explains and responds to you in an effective way. I owe my life to Heidi, literally.

Marie B - Connecticut

“After years of feeling run down and tired with an autoimmune disorder, and my medication being of no help, I decided to try a nutrition therapy approach and not only have my symptoms subsided, my labs have come back normal”
Anthony, New York