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Educated Nutrition
2519 North Hillcrest Parkway
Suite 102

Altoona, WI 54720

Tel:  (715) 869-3793

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Nutrition therapy is not just a diet, it is a method designed specifically to facilitate your healing

Nutrition Services

Heidi is able to work with clients locally, nationally, and internationally via e-mail, phone, Skype, or Google +. With a passion for nutrition, personalized service, and an overall holistic nutrition therapy approach, she looks forward to helping you reach the highest levels of health and wellness. 




It is important to work with a skilled practitioner who is able to look beyond symptoms and discover the root cause of your health issues. Every health issue can be traced back to your body's foundations, which include the digestive system, hormonal system, and detoxification system. These systems work together as part of a collaborative effort in maintaining homeostasis.

In order to find out where the imbalances lie, we rely on your extensive health history and prioritized client health concerns. We may also need to perform a functional evaluation along with targeted lab testing from reliable testing companies to find out where the imbalance lies. Educated Nutrition has the knowledge and training in utilizing the following tests: metabolic assessment protocols, hair mineral analysis testing, functional adrenal stress testing, intestinal barrier and gastrointestinal health, male hormone and cycling female hormone panel, and blood chemistry testing. The results are used to identify nutritional imbalances that can lead to system imbalances. We do not use lab testing to diagnose diseases; we use it to determine system imbalances. These tests may be used as part of determining the best healing protocol for you.

Whether experiencing an autoimmune disorder, inflammatory disease, or if you are seeking nutrition counseling, we can assist you with planning and setting reachable objectives. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your health challenges, desired outcomes, and overall goals. Then, we will set regular appointments to discuss progress and modifications.