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Heidi is a Holistic Nutritionist who seeks to find her client’s system imbalances, going beyond
treating symptoms

Heidi Toy, NTP - Immune Disorder Specialist

Heidi felt run down, tired, achy, and was losing hair. And, despite her rigid exercise regime and strict adherence to a whole grains and low-fat diet, as currently recommended by the American Dietetic Association, she was also gaining weight. After years of begging multiple doctors to run diagnostic tests to determine the presence of antibodies towards her body – and being refused – she took matters into her own hands and scoured the internet for clues. As an accomplished registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, she took advantage of her expertise with diagnostic ultrasound, scanned her own thyroid, and discovered that her thyroid tissue had the classic signs of an inflamed thyroid (Thyroiditis).

With this new knowledge, she was able to self-diagnose herself with Hashimoto’s Disease, an unexplained immune system attack on the thyroid gland. At the time, Heidi was unaware that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder first and a thyroid hormone deficiency issue second, and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, many doctors, including endocrinologists, prescribe thyroid medications like Synthroid and Levoxlyl that replace T4 (Thyroxine test) but do nothing to quiet the immune system. Meanwhile, the immune system continues to wreak havoc on the body's tissues and hormones. Moreover, most people who have one autoimmune problem also experience at least one additional self-tissue attack (a second autoimmune). Not knowing how to quiet this self-attack on the healthy tissue of the thyroid gland, doctors are hoping thyroid medications or surgery are the answer – or even that the body just eventually destroys the thyroid tissue on its own. Heidi followed her doctors’ orders, which included taking Synthroid, but no one focused on the autoimmune part. With her medical background, she knew it was also an autoimmune disorder but no one explained the magnitude of the chaos the autoimmune was inflicting on her body. In short, it was an inflammation and inflammation is the root cause of all disease. So, despite following doctors’ orders, her symptoms only worsened. She was tired and slept all the time. Barely able to get out of bed, she was just plain very ill. All told, she had experienced major adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, liver toxicity, brain fog, hair loss, mental and physical fatigue, insulin resistance (borderline diabetic), hormonal imbalances, severe weight gain, parasitic infection, oral thrush and fungus on toes and corners of the mouth due to the acidic imbalance caused by gut dysbiosis [too much bad bacteria and not enough good gut bacteria and too many carbohydrates feeding the fungus]. This fungus, Candida Albicans, proliferates in the gut and results in wide-ranging side effects ranging from headaches and fatigue to abdominal pain and depression. All of this is what happens when you have an immune system that becomes like a runaway train. You start having issues at a foundational level and that is the impact on your life that causes the symptoms we can "feel" like the fatigue, weight gain, and depression.

As mentioned earlier, most people who have one autoimmune get another.  In addition to Hashimoto’s, Heidi also has Granuloma Annulare and Psoriasis. Plus, she has antibodies towards her myelin and that can be the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. This is why digging deeper into what is going on with your body is so important. Getting past the symptoms like unexplained tiredness, sluggishness, depression, hair loss, and weight gain and to what has been disrupted at a foundational level, is crucial to healing.

Nothing from traditional Western medicine was helping. She eventually was successful in getting her autoimmune into remission through nutrition therapy, holistic health, discovery and elimination of stressors, fixing the foundational imbalances, and strengthening the barriers. Going through all this was the impetus for her to leave behind one successful career path to pursue another – her passion for nutrition and her desire to help others like her heal. She studied to become a holistic nutritionist with the Nutritional Therapy Association and is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is also a proud member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, Weston A. Price, and the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition. She has 247 hours of "in chair" classroom study and over 1000 hours of private study. Doing so has enabled her to provide an affordable and professional alternative for people suffering with autoimmune disorders.

Heidi Toy is an accomplished Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in abdominal, OB/GYN, Cardiac, and Vascular specialties. She is an expert in medical ultrasound equipment, with a broad range of experience in this field ranging from sales and marketing to product development and consulting. She has been also been a successful business owner of Accreditation Professionals, Inc. in New York and Seattle and Innervision Ultrasound, Inc. in Seattle.

Heidi is also a world-class kettlebell coach and athlete. She spent a week in Russia achieving her Certified Kettlebell Coach status with IKSFA (International Kettlebell Sport Fitness Association) and an additional 30 days in Siberia training one on one with one of Russia's and IKSFA's head kettlebell coach. She is also certified with AKC and WKC (American Kettlebell Club and World Kettlebell Club).

In addition to her passion for holistic nutrition and helping others heal, Heidi loves to cook, ferment foods, garden, ride horses, work out, and spend time with her family. She also loves to travel and has been to all 50 states in the U.S. plus France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Netherlands, England, and China.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Food is powerful and nutrition is key to healing. There really is hope for superior quality of life for those living with a chronic disease or an autoimmune disorder.

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